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M.E.B. Foods; originally known as Middle East Bakeries, came to life in very humble circumstances when John Haila, our current Managing Director first started baking loaves of flat bread in 1970. With an extensive engineering background, Mr Haila designed and manufactured all the bread making equipment himself.

With only a basic range of products, but a keen attention to quality, M.E.B. Foods’ popularity grew steadily. By 1976, the small bake house had grown into a genuine family business, with places for John and his extended family.

But the real turning point came in 1980, when the bakery realised that the humble premises it occupied in Coburg were getting too small for the expansion process. So M.E.B. moved to a new location in Brunswick occupying 2 factories. The operation was refitted with new equipment, allowing for increased production. After a successful supermarket promotion, M.E.B. Foods proceeded to win supply contracts with Woolworths/Safeway, Coles, Jewell, Bi-Lo, Franklins, IGA and a range of other independents.

Although a massive allowance for expansion was made when the Brunswick site was decided upon, the business grew even bigger than anticipate. In order to meet the rising demand of the population which was due to Vitastic’s honest ingredients and growing popularity, it soon became apparent that the business had to move once again. A huge site was purchased in Campbellfield Victoria which would eventually house a state of art factory to cater for the Australian population.

In Jan of 2005, M.E.B. Foods then moved to its current location at 30 Decco Drive after the completion of the purpose built factory the business now calls home.

M.E.B. Foods has come from very humble beginnings with solid family traditions to be a major player in the bread industry. Today, with sales across Australia and overseas, the tradition and family spirits of M.E.B Foods along with the Vitastic brand continue to shine through. Its mission remains unchanged: the best ingredients, the best products, the happiest customers.


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